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From the humble beginnings of practice-making on friends and family to glamming up the biggest names in showbiz, we all can have dreams of turning ordinary to extraordinary. To find out exactly how this can be achieved, we have interviewed celebrity makeup artist Yessenia Vasquez to get her insight on how she got her start and flourishing career. Read on to discover Yessenia’s remarkable story and the secrets to her success!

1. Behind the Scenes with a Celebrity Makeup Artist

Have you ever wondered how celebrities get that glowing look on the red carpet? We caught up with a professional celebrity makeup artist to get to the bottom of it.

  • Firstly, the artist begins by assessing the celeb’s skin and choose skincare products that will best enhance the overall look. Then the artist chooses the right foundation to even out the complexion.
  • The artist then focuses on the eyes. They choose the perfect shades of eyeshadow to create the look and often use a combination of liquid and cream eyeliners for a bolder set of eyes. To top off the look, they accentuate the lashes with mascara and eyelash extensions.
  • The artist then works on the lips. They prep the lips using a lip scrub to get rid of any peeling skin, then apply a layer of lipstick for a polished look. For a more dramatic look, they might add a lipgloss for a glossy finish.
  • Finally, the makeup artist will select the right blush and highlight to give the celebrity’s face a glowing finish. They finish off the look with a few dabs of setting spray to lock it all in place.

When the celebrity is ready to walk down the red carpet, the artist is there to evaluate the look and make sure the makeup is flawless. After all, it takes a lot of time and effort to create the perfect celebrity look!

2. From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Uncovering the Inspiration

A spark of creative inspiration can transform a mundane life into a transcendental one. It is essential to uncover the inner motivator and bring ideas and energy to the outside world. Art, music, and literature can provide a platform for self-expression while serving as powerful sources of inspiration.


Bright colours, striking designs, intricate patterns – art has no limits and it has the power to move us. A single piece of artwork can encourage us to explore the world around us in a new and inspiring way. Whether it’s the beauty of a landscape, the vibrancy of a street scene, or the vastness of an open ocean, art has the power to change perspectives and push us to create new and beautiful views of our own.


From soul-stirring slow melodies to energizing electronic beats, music is a universal source of inspiration. It opens us up to a range of emotions and feelings that can be used to enrich our lives with creativity. Not to mention, music can often be a great source of motivation for working out or studying too.


From classic novels to modern poems, literature can help open us to unique ideations and alternative ways of living and thinking. Literary works offer a realm of possibilities and can present characters and stories that offer insight, inspiration, and internal reflection. Exploring the works of other creatives can often inspire us to go forth and create our own unique pieces of work.

3. A Day in the Life: Exploring the Creative Process

What is it like to be a creative person, and what does a day in the creative process look like? Many creative people lead lives of exploration, driven by the desire to create, experiment, and innovate. Whether that means coming up with music, ideas, stories, or artwork, the creative process is a complex, rewarding journey.

  • The Morning – Every creative journey starts somewhere, and the morning is often a great place to begin. A morning spent exploring ideas, gathering materials, and setting intentions can set the tone for the rest of the day. Creative people often take time to contemplate the day ahead and plan out their project, allowing them to better focus on the tasks at hand.
  • The Work – A productive day in the life of a creative person starts with balance. Taking breaks to stretch, exercise, grab a snack, or just take in the scenery can help to clear the mind and increase motivation. A healthy balance of work and rest can make any creative endeavor more enjoyable and successful.
  • The Evening – Creative work is often completed in the evening, when the rest of the world is winding down. A full day of creative exploration can bring a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. After a hard day of work, the evening can also be a time to reflect on the progress made.

At the end of the day, creative people are rewarded with a unique sense of satisfaction. Whether the goal was achieved or not, the creative process brings joy and insight into the world. Here’s to every creative soul out there, and to every day of creative exploration!

4. The Journey of Becoming a Celebrity Makeup Artist

For aspiring makeup artists, few career paths evoke such intrigue as becoming a celebrity makeup artist. After all, who would say no to taking part in the glamorous world of the rich and famous? However, is a daunting one. Here are the steps you need to take to get there:

  • Build a formidable portfolio: Make sure your portfolio is impressive. The portfolio is what will make or break your journey, so you must make sure you include pictures of your best work showcasing your capabilities. Trying out some experimental looks can also help.
  • Build a strong network: Networking is one of the most important steps in becoming a celebrity makeup artist. You must build a strong network of industry professionals such as hairstylists, photographers, model scouts, and more. This will help you garner great opportunities.
  • Make use of technology: We live in a world of digital possibilities. You must not hesitate to use the internet as an aid for building a presence for yourself. Join makeup communities, start your own blog, and update your portfolio on various platforms.
  • Be patient: Quitting when the going gets tough is not an option. You must be patient, as the success of a celebrity makeup artist does not happen overnight. It takes time, and you must have faith in your capabilities as you move forward in your journey.

In the end, if you manage to make it through all of these steps and have some luck along the way, you will be able to make a name for yourself. Despite the challenges, it will all be worth it when you find yourself doing makeup for famous celebrities.

Having interviewed celebrity makeup artist Lauren H, we can conclude that with hard work and dedication, anyone can come from an ordinary background to achieve extraordinary success. We are sure that with her passion for makeup artistry and eye for detail, Lauren will continue to wow us with her amazing creations for many years to come.

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From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Interviewing a Celebrity Makeup Artist